Saturday, August 8, 2009

Does anyone have a pair of acid washed jeans I can borrow?

Can you believe it? Twenty years ago this Summer I was cruising around my hometown listening to Milli Vanilli 'Blame It on the Rain' in my Corolla and tomorrow I'm flying back to go to my High School Reunion.

I can't believe it either. My bigger concern is how am I going to lose 40 pounds by 7pm tomorrow night and if I should wear a suit or just a polo shirt?! My friend Jeff Hovis owns Cape Fear Formal Wear and suggested wearing black - but I don't think that is going to help.

I really wasn't planning on going. I have done a poor job of keeping in touch with my BFF's from Potomac Senior High. It wasn't intentional, but Facebook has reintroduced so many faces and names that who knows when the chance to catch up with everyone in person will be.

That and my co-worker Libby claims it was one of the "top 5 best nights of his life". We'll see. My expectations are a bit lower but I am still surprisingly excited about seeing some old friends who I knew not only in High School but Elementary and Middle!

Fortunately I have one very good friend that lives here in Wilmington, Matt Kern, that graduated in the "Class of '89" with me. He and I will head up together. It's an easy 2 hour flight in the Cessna. The weather will be nice and the evening air smooth.

Probably the only other friend that I talk with regularly is my friend Julie Webb. She was the neighbor girl across the street and I know she is dying to attend the reunion. Her jet-set life keeps her in Europe so she has requested I use the "girl side of my brain" and remember details as to who turned into what. She asked that I take a lot of pictures but I am way too cool to go around asking people to pose.

It would be great if some of my old teachers were there. Preferably Ms. Baker who assumed I wouldn't amount to much since I spent so much time on the "vocational" side of the building in Mr. Prifti's drafting and architecture class. (The alternative was 3 years of Latin...hmm...)

Of course now that I understand what do to with Algebra I'd like to tell Ms. Ohlrich some better ways to teach. (She threw a piece of chalk at me in class because I was so bored I started to doze off). I wasn't embrassed about the dozing off part, it really was boring, I was embarrassed because I was sitting next to Jenny Foote and I was afraid I might have been drooling or something.

Well, I'm off. Wish me luck and remember: GO PANTHERS!


matt said...

David - I don't have a pair of acid washed jeans, but you could have borrowed a Members Only jacket if you wanted! It was great seeing you and Matt.

Matt Charleston

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip and have lots of fun. I'm all out of acid washed jeans, but I'm sure I can round up a pair of parachute paints if you want! I'm all out of sequin gloves though.