Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't get mad, get revengence!

I don't think "revengence" is a real word (but it should be) because I plan on using it whenever appropriate to explain my new approach to proactively 'getting even' and after reading this, you will too.

Let me explain...

For the most part I enjoy a fairly 'sunny' disposition. I get my great sense of perspective from my mother and even during the most trying of times I remember to keep a positive outlook and focus on the proverbial ‘big picture’ (no matter how difficult sometimes.)

An example of my glass half full perspective? I was talking with Dr. Roy Archambault last week. He was one of the very first people I met when I was first visiting Wilmington back in the ‘90s. It was great to catch up with Dr. Roy but as with all conversations in the last two years, we ended up discussing the economy...

Dr. Roy: How can the economy be improving when we still have almost 10% unemployment??

Me: What are you talking about? 10% unemployment means that 90% of the people are still working!!

Roy smiled. Instantly he felt better.

It’s not easy remaining optimistic all the time, especially when I know the pessimists are usually right, but history also proves that most great changes have come from optimists and that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Recently, after a week full of disappointing setbacks, my usual "look-on-the-brightside-attitude" was becoming a bit strained and I found myself down, frustrated and angry.

Trust me, it’s tempting to focus my time and energy on negative outcomes but I know better. I do what I have learned to do best during a challenging time; I assess all the information I have available and immediately look for solutions.

I believe that by redirecting my energy I’ll be able to better control my decisions and even find clarity – allowing me the opportunity to win (or even just ‘survive’ for that matter.)

It was at that moment that I took it upon myself to take two negative words "revenge" and "venegence" which can seem like instinctual responses and turn them into the positive "revengence" (see, just like math, if you multiply two negative words together you get a positive)

So the next time someone makes their problem your problem. Or the world inevitably appears to be working against you. Don’t get mad, just get revengence!

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