Monday, January 25, 2010

2010: Year of the Dave

This is serious. Most people had been waiting all year to welcome 2010 (because anything was better than 2009) but I have been waiting for 2010 to arrive MY WHOLE LIFE!

How I envied those kids celebrating birthdays on July 7, 1977 and then again on August 8, 1988 – it really started to get me down on September 9, 1999 but I knew it was only eleven years, one month and a day before it was my turn and the turn for all my other brethren born on October 10th.

That’s right. You know their names; I’m talking about the greats, guys like Brett Favre, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., David Lee Roth, Avery Harrison and yours truly, David Arthur Spetrino Jr. – yep, all 10’s.

(What? You’re surprised I’m a Libra? Surely you are kidding…)

Look, don’t feel bad if you have a ‘regular’ birth date. After all, your chances of being born on October 10th are like what? 1 in 365? Don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m sure you have other great qualities. Maybe you are nice to animals. That’s a fantastic trait!

But you’ve got to admit, there is really something amazing about being born on 10-10, it’s so efficient--heck, it’s binary!

It’s such a great number too, I mean think about it. Was Bo Derek a “perfect 9”?

You don’t hear anybody talking about Moses walking on water with 11 Commandments do you? Of course not.

Ten fingers? Ten toes? Shall I keep going?

I wish I could tell you which came first, my love of the number 10 or the number 10 loving me. Tens just seem to follow me around. After all, we live at #10 Church Street (not #8 or #12). Coincidence? Luck? I don’t think so. It’s a mutual attraction I suppose.

What does this mean to you? Everything of course, for I am glad to share the Year of the Dave with you too. Just by being my friend makes you an automatic member of the Year of the Dave Club.

And what a great year we are going to have together!

I have a myriad of events planned and good fortune for all to enjoy, but let’s go ahead and save the date for the 10-10-10 extravaganza right now.

That’s right, mark your calendars – I’m throwing myself a party. Yes, you and all of our other Year of the Dave friends are invited. House rules are simple:

- Don’t bring anything unless it has #10 on it.

- Only my favorite foods will be served (so if you don’t like mint chip ice cream, Diet Coke, cheese pizza or buttered noodles, eat before you come)

- You must wear a blue shirt. (this is so I can easily identify those that read these rules and those that are just crashing the party)

Most importantly, please know how much I am looking forward to sharing the Year of the Dave with you.

It’s a once in a lifetime event so let’s enjoy it together, to the fullest extent. And please don’t get angry if we get into a disagreement and I ‘pull rank’ on you by throwing down the tie breaking ‘Year of the Dave’ card. You can get me back on 1-1-11, I promise.


Jasmine said...

You are a clever and witty, man, Dave.

Joel Tomaselli said...

I am cool is that 10-10-10!!

Hope said...

What color shirts should us fellow 10-10ers wear?


Anonymous said...

Great concept 3-10s! What a fantastic time of year for waterfront party.

Bobby Pellegrini, Partner
Performance Improvement Center
"Innovation through Process & Technology"

Loulie said...

It is SO on our calendar, Dave... We'll be there in blue, with 10s, hungry for buttered noodles and excited about some Bruce Hornsby knock-off music. WOO HOO! Let the party begin!!