Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the 'Green Screen' for Honor Flight

Last September I had taken Nick & Lane to the restored Hannah Block USO Building on the corner of S 2nd and Orange. There we found almost one hundred local World War II veterans sharing stories, artifacts and photos from their experiences.

As we were walking through the rows and rows of tables the boys were captivated by a set of model planes along with an old black and white photograph of young airmen lined up along the real things.

The elderly man with his outstretched arm tried to hold the photo steady as they kids looked on. Standing beside was his grown daughter (in her late 60’s). She held my arm just above the wrist and thanked me for bringing the children to meet these veterans.

She was not alone in sharing her gratitude. Another generation of young Americans were being exposed to these aging and dwindling servicemen. My boys were hoping to see guns or grenades and instead met real American heroes, we spent most of the day there and it was fascinating, for each of us.

When I received the call last week to appear and speak in a locally broadcast commercial for Honor Flight (an organization that helps fly our Wilmington area veterans to see their recently completed memorial in Washington DC) I jumped at the chance to offer my assistance and support.

I hope you will consider jumping at the chance to do something for our local WWII veterans too.

Consider making a small donation, even $10, to help a few of our local servicemen get to Washington DC to stand alongside other members of the Greatest Generation.

This is an EASY gift - no tuxedo, no silent auction, no social pressures – just the opportunity to provide a small amount of appreciation to those nearing the sunset of their lives.

You can donate online (here) or make a check made payable to Honor Flight of Southeastern North Carolina and send it to me at 10 Church Street, Wilmington NC 28401.

Thank you for your support and consideration to this worthy cause for our local veterans.

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